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CALLIN4477916839?profile=originalG FOR ALL  who attended  the 2012 Dancing Preachers International Conference.   I have received my DIVINE STORIES   Slideshow DVD. 
WOW!!!  Incredible photos that Minister Calvin Haynes has captured. Yes, you can feel the move of the Spirit in every shot, every movement. These extraordinary photos took me back to the first day and carried me to the last day.
Don't wait any longer.  Support this Man of God who has blessed us with this inspirational gift.   Get your Divine Story slideshow DVD  with over 2000 photos as seen through  the eyes of  Minister Calvin. 
Contact  Info: 678-851-4088
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  • I would like to thank everyone who took the opportunity to support my photography service. Many times, because our life is full of pictures everywhere we go, it comes common to see excellent photography, in books, on the internet, advertisements, automobile brochures etc.....  But it takes a special placement,eye and spirit to capture the move of the spirit that is so excellently displayed in your movements as ministers to the most high God.  As, a minister of dance there is a point in the movements when dancers loose themselves, and truly are in the presence of the Lord, for God said that he would inhabit the praises of his people.  The average photographer will miss those shots because they are focus on the outer frame of things instead of the inner relationship being experienced by the dance minister.  20 people can look at the same movement and take 20 different views, but it is the minister of photography with a since of the experience of being lose in the arms of God that feels the time, appropriate space (framing) and shape (movement) to be capture for all time to bring viewers into the moment.

    Thanks again to all dance ministers who understood the price it took to capture the essence of the spirit. Stay Focused on God.

    With much Love,


  • Yes, Mrs. Jacki...I planned to get one.

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