Dancing Preacher!!!

First let me start by saying, God is amazing! When I danced to "For Every Mountain" at Solomon's Temple Church in St. Louis, MO and to "Seasons" at Faith Worship Center in Columbus, GA, I thought it was just for that house for that present time but when I arrived to China and began to allow the people in China to see the videos, the anointing begin to touch their hearts. One girl began to say how she was not a Christian and how she was not supposed to have that type of feeling. With tears rolling down her face she could not understand what was happening to her. A week later she began to tell me about different spirits that she was dealing with and God allowed me to minister to her. By the end of our conversation she wanted Jesus in her life and I told her it was hers for the asking and we prayed the prayer of faith.


Since that day, after only being in China for one month, many people began to here about the dancing that God placed in me and I was asked to minister in dance at a church here in China on Christmas day. Not only am I going to minister to the church, but the number of visitor's that are asking me to give them the church location so they can be there is amazing. These people asking me to for the church information are muslims, bhuddist, another type of religion, or just doesn't believe at all. I thank God that He is drawing these souls in through the ministry of dance. All I can do is lift my hands and surrender to God for the anointing He has placed in me; somebody who was a sinner, who was rebellious, and messed up, but God saw me fit for His kingdom and reached down to shape me and mold me into who He called me to be, A DANCING PREACHER!" Pray for me that God's will be done and that these souls that are coming to see me dance will get overtaken by the Holy Spirit. They think they are coming to see me, but I just believe God is getting ready to save souls in China!!! 2 God Be the Glory!


God is big enough to reach over into China and release the Holy Spirit to go to work!!! It's All About Souls!!

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  • Bless God. For the great things he is doing in you.God did say in His word Greater works we will do. I pray that the Spirit of God will take you into another dimension in worship,deliverance and healing.And that the anointing and Gods Glory will show up and consume everything that is not like him..Amen
  • May God with you on your travels to China! and enrich all the more full of His Anointing to do a Mighty Dance to win souls for the Glory of His Kingdom!  Amen.

  • Amen, thanks a lot, 2 God be all the Glory

  • Praise God!!!  Praying for safe trip, souls won for Christ and safe passage during your stay and return home.  Be Bless and Merry Christmas.

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