Dance in Its Proper Perspective

"There are two ways to view dance in ministry. One viewpoint holds that dance is the ministry. If dance is the ministry, then simply dancing makes you obedient. This thinking looks at dance ritualistically and removes it from the responsibility of having to bring what was requested. It does not require you to consult God or submit to Him in any part of the process. It just requires you to do the activity of dance and merits you based on how much you dance. The other viewpoint holds dance simply as what is used to fulfill ministry, and requires us to continually go and find out what is being asked of us and comply.

Being presented in our service is a mentality that influences how we obey. With regards to the dance used in ministry, we are at the disposal of God, having placed ourselves there when we accepted His call to our assignment. This means that we are placing the power within His hands regarding the use of this gift of dance within us. We are accepting His determinations of how our ministry will be structured and run, what songs we do, what engagements we accept and refuse, the choreography we do, who comes into our ministry, how they get into the ministry, and the process of releasing them to minister before the people of God.

The dance is not our ministry. Our ministry is to hear the voice of God and obey Him as He leads us in what to do through and with the dance."

Excerpt from "Dancers! Assume the Position" book available at

Marlita Hill

Dancing Hill Ministries

Uncovering the WHAT, the WHY, and the IMPACT of the dance minister

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  • You're welcome. Anytime!
  • Thanks for your response.
  • Good to meet you Chante. If you are new to dance ministry and want to know more about it, you should definitely attend one of the webinars. Or you can contact me anytime. I pray that God show you exactly what He has for you to do through this vehicle. And He will! He is faithful to inform you, equip you, and support you as you go forward in purpose and assignment!

  • Thank you my sister in Christ I never thought of dance ministry in this way . I needed that because I am new to dance ministry but I know that this something that God has Anointed me to do. Look forward to reading somemore expressions from you.Thank you also for explaining a few do's about allowing others into the ministry and the whole process about being careful. I 'll write you again if I have any questions. God Bless You Marlita
  • Thank you Wynne! God is awesome.
  • Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement. I pray that God continues to bless your ministries and your lives as we all continue to be molded into excellent images of His glory.
  • Sis.
    Your view point reveals a woman who has been chastised and broken. Therfore, it appears your experiences have become a testimony. This is where ministry accomplishes it's purpose. May God continue to bless you with the anointing to interceed for others. Barukh!
  • speaks loud and clear too!
  • Takes Marlita. This speaks!
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