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  • Greetings Rachel!

    God knew what He was doing when He made you, He knew the world needed someone uniquely wonderful and kind. What a joy it is to celebrate the day on which God brought you into this world. Here’s a special birthday wish from me to you! 
    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Happy Birthday Rachel! As you celebrate your special day I am wishing you a Birthday filled with joy and happiness!!!

    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hello my name is miss Oneil meirian I have your contacts in , please contact me on my email, I have some good things to tells you thanks,

    International Dance Commission
    Commissioned to serve using our gifts to bring together the Body of Christ.
  • Happy Birthday Rachel, on behalf of Pastor Sabrina and the IDC Family. We send you out much Love and may blessings over take you on your day and forever more!

    Daphane Farley South Regional Coordinator

  • Greetings Rachel,


    Welcome to our IDC Network!  We are excited that you have joined us!  Do enjoy all that our network has to offer.  I bring you greetings from the state of Maryland.


    Denise Bethea

    Maryland State Coordinator

  • I apologize Ellaysa. Things have been so busy, but I have just added you. You can add me on the list as a potential coordinator. I have been really busy with putting together my companies 1st Dance Production, after 8 years of being over my church's dance revival. I so far have representation from Texas and am waiting to hear back from the states of California, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. I know that God is going to bless this event, I am just putting the work behind it. Once I have my flyer put together, I will send it out. We have the honor of having Ad Deum Dance Company of Houston, TX coming to participate as well as hold one of their workshops. Love you all and keep me in your prayers. Alot of the finances required for holding an event like this is coming out of my pocket, so I truly need INCREASE right now.
  • Hey Rachel! I was scanning down my list of Potential Coordinators for your name and to my surprise your name was not there! :-) We need to talk my dear... and why haven't you acceptted my friend request yet? Please do that ASAP~! Look forward to serving you!

    In Christ's love,

    Ellaysa Newton
    Easrt Region Coordinator
  • Hello Rachel welcome to IDC family.. If I can be of any assitant please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Yvette Mabins- IDC IL State Coordinator
  • By the way, welcome to the IDC family!
  • Hey Rachel. Glad to see you on Ning. I am from Louisiana and am so blessed to meet so many worshipers of God. Be blessed my dear sister. And I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

    P.S. I love your idea of incorporating more ministries from various states with your dance musical. I pray it will go well!
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