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  • Hi Carol

    Thanks, if we can ever assisst you with your ministry needs, please don't hesitate to call on us. Be blessed.
  • Hi Sherry
    Did you receive my message about the next conference call?
  • Hi, Pamela,
    The Master's Touch Creations site is EXCELLENT!!! I have forwarded it to other dancers who have asked me about anointed garments. Thank you for sharing it on FB. Congratulations and many, many, many continued blessings on your family and your ministry!
  • When is the next Conf Call?
  • thank you so much
  • Merry Christmas - Denise
  • Kathleen, you are so welcome and I so look forward to worshipping our daddy together. Also Kathleen, if you will be taking a part in the corporate dance piece on that Sunday morning during "INTIMACY" please bring an all white garment, the accent color is gold metallic. Be blessed.
  • Can't wait for Intimacy. I only signed up for the free part for now, because I have to wait to find out my husband's traveling schedule. I've invited friends, too!
  • Thanks Pamela, I appreciate that. Tiny
  • Thank you for welcoming me . This is such a pleasure to be apart of such annointed women of God. I am so excited.
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