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  • You're Welcome!

  • Welcome Jenn,

    Permit me to introduce myself to you.  My name is Rose Richardson and I am the North Region Coordinator, which covers your area.  We are so blessed to have you on board with us.  Please take a moment to sign up for our North Region Page.  There you will be kept abreast of what is happening in our area.  You may also sign up for the New Members Orientation Page, where they will orient you to this site and to IDC.

    After you have signed up for the North Region Page (These boxes can be found to the left of the Home Page or under IDC Groups across your page), please look at the blog entitled Weigh-In-Wednesdays, a forum in which a question is posited each week, and all are encouraged to weigh in on the topic.

    If there is any thing that I can do to assist you, please feel free to inbox me.

    Respectfully yours,

    Rose Richardson

    IDC North Region Coordinator

    New York State Chapter Coordinator

  • Welcome Jean!  Thank you for friending me. I look forward to future fellowship. God bless.

  • Hi Jenn thank you for friending me.  Be blessed!

  • Hi Jenn,

    As a kind reminder to you, join our New Members Group to get acclimated with our Network and to gain more information about our upcoming Orientation Call on March 23, 2014, 8pm EST.


  • Greetings Jenn4480399916?profile=original,


  • Hello My Sister...thank you for asking to be added to my list of friends, you will be added to my daily prayer list also. At, anytimeI can help please, let me know. Thank you again and continue walk in his power. With Much Love!  Rev. Brenda Ferren

  • Greetings Jenn!

    Welcome to our Network! What a joy it is to have you on the International Dance Commission site. As a member of IDC you'll discover this network has a lot to offer. I encourage you to also join your Region’s Group to become familiar with some of the things that are transpiring in your region. May God continue to Bless you each and everyday!

    Aja Cooksey

    Atlanta, Georgia

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