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  • Greetings Darreyl!
    You were created to be who God wants you to be. May you be showered with happiness and plenty of blessings on this great day, Your Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!
    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Greetings Darreyl!

    God knew what He was doing when He made you, He knew the world needed someone uniquely wonderful and kind. What a joy it is to celebrate the day on which God brought you into
    this world. Here’s a special birthday wish from me to you! 
    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Happy Birthday Darreyl! As you celebrate your special day I am wishing you a Birthday filled with joy and happiness!!!

    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • On behalf of the North Region, I would like to wish you a blessed and God-filled birthday.

  • OMG..... welcome to the Ning Site. Stay plugged in

  • You're Welcome!

  • Happy Birthday Darreyl, Be Bless & Enjoy Your Day!!!

  • Greetings Darreyl,

    Welcome to our IDC Network.  We are excited that you have joined us!  Do enjoy all that our Network has to offer.  Also, join  our Eastern Region Group to keep abreast with information, activities and events within our region.  Our region coordinator, Ellaysa Newton will greet you soon and share more information with you.  I bring you greetings from that state of Maryland. 

    Also, Birthday Blessings are coming your way today.  Happy Birthday Darreyl!


    Denise A. Bethea

    IDC MD State Coordinator

    & Intake Greeter


  • Happy Birthday Darreyl!

  • Hello hw r u? Thank you for the welcome of Idc.
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