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  • Greetings Cassandra!
    You were created to be who God wants you to be. May you be showered with happiness and plenty of blessings on this great day, Your Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!
    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Greetings Cassandra!

    God knew what He was doing when He made you, He knew the world needed someone uniquely wonderful and kind. What a joy it is to celebrate the day on which God brought you into this world. Here’s a special birthday wish from me to you! 
    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hey Cassandra,

    As per Pastor, the $27 would be the cost of the bus round trip.  Because we have contracted with the bus company, we are unable to offer a one-way ride. 


  • Hi Cassandra, I'm responding to an email about roommates for Dancing Preachers. I'm in the room with two other ladies. If you still need roommates, you can email at

    Deborah Crump, North Region

  • You're welcome, be Bless!

  • Happy Birthday Cassandra! As you celebrate your special day I am wishing you a Birthday filled with joy and happiness!!!

    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • After I saw u asked I cancelled my booking because I really don't have anyone to share and I wanted to cancel my trip , since sometimes I feel alone but I would surely glad to share with you . I enjoyed your dance 'encourage yourself'. How much each person pay. This is my cell 201 598 6716. You can call or text would love to hear from you. Or send me your number, if you are not too busy to talk. God bless
  • I look forward to working with you on Team 1
  • Hi my friend :)
  • Hi Cassandra,

    This is a kind reminder to join the new members group if you have not already.  Thanks!

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