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  • Team 4!

    Prayer and Fast Force!

    Denise Bethea, Royal Cooper, Ashley Ramsey.  Team Lead: Julinda Lewis

    Please let's share phone numbers and email addresses.  We need to attack our assignment:

    Which specific DPI issue would you like to pray for, which day of the week and what time can we all pray together, and which day of the week would like like to fast, and what type of fast?

    Some Suggestions below:

    Issue:  Safe travel.  Financial increase.  New revelation.  Open doors.

    Day of week and time to pray: Wednesday, 6am EST; Saturday 7am EST (I have rehearsals Saturdays 8am until 12:30pm or later); Wednesdays, noon. .

    Day of week to fast: Monday, 6am-6pm; Wednesday 6am-6pm; Saturday 8am-3pm

    Type of Fast: Juice; Modified Daniel: fruits,veggies, juices, raw foods (nuts, etc.);  24 hours without meat, any day of the week that we agree on; 24 hours without meat or bread/gluten products, any day of the week that we agree on.

    Julinda D. Lewis

    (804) 868-9972  phone & text


    Facebook: jdldances

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  • Happy Birthday Ashley!


  • Happy Birthday Ashley!  Have a Wonderful, Blessed, Special Day!

    It was nice meeting you face to face, let's keep intouch!

    Be blessed, Eunice

    Tell you Mom hello for me!

  • Hi ashley ,this is valetta , I live in Sacramento county (rancho cordova) I will be going to Jamaica , I was on the conference call on monday , I would like for us to meet before we go My cell number is 916 208-3075
  • Thank you my sister...I look forward talking to you...Please contact em at 510.586.9955...Blessings, Sis. LO

  • Welcome Ashley to the IDC family! On behalf of Loretta Green and myself, Eunice Parks, Coordinators for the San Francisco/Bay Area chapter of IDC, we say Welcome and look forward to fellowshipping with you in the near future. Don't forget to sign up on the West Region and also look for us on Facebook Idc
    Eunice Parks, IDC Coordinator SF/BAC
  • Red Ribbon
  • Hi Ashley

    On behalf of Apostle Sabrina Mckenzie and our IDC Family we say welcome, we also bring you greeting from the West Region. We are so looking forward to networking with you. Please don't forget to join the West Region which California is a part of.

    Pamela Stovall
    West Region Coordinator
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