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  • Greetings Alacia!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Your Birthday is a reminder that God has given you one more year. Each day is a gift from God and I hope that God fills your Birthday with beautiful peaceful moments.
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    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Greetings Alacia!
    You were created to be who God wants you to be. May you be showered with happiness and plenty of blessings on this great day, Your Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!
    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Happy Birthday Alacia! As you celebrate your special day I am wishing you a Birthday filled with joy and happiness!!!

    Aja Cooksey
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Hello my name is miss Oneil meirian I have your contacts in , please contact me on my email, I have some good things to tells you thanks,

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  • Greetings Sis. Alacia,

    Didn't realize our birthdays are in the same month (mines was 18th).

    It's your day, so do what YOU want to do !! It's all about YOU !!  Birthday Blessings & Lots of Love To You !!!!

  • Hello Alacia,



  • My heart is sooo heavy.  Words cannot express how I feel about the lost of our sister, Alacia Curry's husband and our son, Todd Curry's father.   Keep your faith in God who knows all, sees all and does ALL.  The  VA Chapter  extends condolences to the family.

  • Greetings Sis Alacia I won't to apologize for missing you today I was still working and was not able to get online until 20 min after and you had already left the chat room. Thank you for your time and God Bless until next time.
  • Alacia, my lovely. Please add me to the Sons group. I got an email to say Ive been added but it still says removed by an administrator. xx

  • Thanks for the birthday love Alacia!!!

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