Liturgical Dance Day

International Dance Commission

On September 7, 2007, Dance ministries are celebrating "Liturgical Dance Day". We would truly be honored if you could present a proclamation in observance of this awesome event. We want to recognize the body of believers that faithfully serve in our communities.

On September 7 International Dance Commission will be celebrating Liturgical dance day. Dancers from around the world will take part in a day of fasting, prayer and worship.

Every Sunday morning, liturgical dance is expressed in thousands of ministries across the State of Georgia. Liturgical dance ministers have provided valuable outreach programs that serve inner city youth by instilling them with discipline, the desire to pursue excellence, and a love of dance.

The International Dance Commission: Purpose
The purpose of the International Dance Commission ("The Commission") is to serve as a multicultural umbrella organization and resource pool for dance, worship arts ministries and dance companies throughout the world! It is also our goal to serve as lobbyists in various states on particular issues that directly affect the funding of faith-based programs, particularly those that target the arts.

These men and women dedicate themselves to service in their communities by sharing their gifts and God-given talents through the creative arts.

Contact information
Intake Coordinator Debra Crump
Email :
Phone Number: (917) 825-4110

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