Dancing Preachers International


In It’s 15th year Dancing Preachers International (DPI) is one of the leading liturgical dance conferences world wide. The Dancing Preachers have "Feet that Preach!"s,

The DPI Conference has traveled to several countries to share the good news of Jesus through the arts!

As our feet map out Nations we brought many ministries with us to Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Jamaica and more as we express the five fold ministry in action.

There are more than 23 countries and 42 states in attendance during Dancing Preachers International: The United Sates, The Philippines, Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Israel, Antigua, Korea, Japan, Canada, Congo, Brazil, Trinidad, St. Thomas, Mexico, Russia, London, Aruba, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Thailand, Cayman Islands, and St.Vincent.

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